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Small business and construction 

Commercial landlord-tenant

Construction concerns, including design defects, build defects, subcontractor disputes and mechanics liens

Debt collection and defense

DTPA and fraud defense

Insurance coverage disputes

Noncompetition, nonsolicitation & nondisclosure

Premises liability

Real estate litigation

Landlord-Tenant (residential and commercial)

  • Eviction (representing landlord or tenant)

  • Repair & deduct / Property Code 92.056

  • Security deposit litigation

Real estate fraud / sellers disclosure litigation

Home and building construction defects

Consumer and homeowner litigation

Debt collection and defense

DTPA and fraud

Home construction defects

Identity theft

Insurance disputes

Personal injury

Premises liability

Business transactions

Business formation

Business purchases (stock and/or asset purchases)

Non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure

Contract review & drafting

Family concerns
* services provided by of counsel


Spousal maintenance

Child custody & visitation (and modification)

Child support (and modification)

Estate planning & probate concerns
* services provided by of counsel

Probate, including intestacy proceedings (no will)

Simple wills, medical power of attorney, and DNRs

Durable and/or limited power of attorney

Revocable / living trusts

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