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Most people have one major brush with the law in the course of their life—and no, traffic violations don’t count. The fact that you’re looking at a law firm website suggests that your “one major brush” may be happening right now. Or perhaps you’re attempting to head off a legal problem before it starts. Perhaps you’re planning for a better and brighter future. In any event, you’re doing the right thing by attempting to apprise yourself of your legal options.
I became an attorney because I want to help people solve their problems. Nothing more, nothing less. My experience indicates that I have the ability and know-how to do so. And if you’re like most of us, you don’t have untold riches set aside for the cost of legal representation. Yes, hiring a lawyer is expensive, but I’m sensitive to the delicacies of the family budget, and I’m willing to work with you on the cost of representation. The important thing is that you be protected in this, your time of need.
So if you have a legal problem, give me a call. Let me help.    
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